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Chick Trick

“That’s NOT my card!”
“Of course not... it’s SHOWMANSHIP!”

Enter a whole new world of performance magic! Learn to “think like a conjurer,” and entertain your audiences by surpassing their expectations. (Why should Harry Potter and Gandalf get all the good press?)

You and your CHICK (a really low-maintenance magic assistant), present a tabletop magic show! THE CHICK’S unique locations of two selected cards are so charming and baffling, there are invariably a few skeptics who suspect she is getting some help. You both meet the challenge by letting a spectator point to any face-down card, shuffle everything himself, and deal the cards onto the table without the magician handling anything, AND with the CHICK’S back turned. THE CHICK not only finds the selection, but reveals it in a BIG SURPRISE TWIST PAYOFF!

Includes tutorials of the same style as found in The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series that provide you completely illustrated details and finesses for mastering two no-tell secret maneuvers you'll find invaluable for years to come.

INCLUDES a high-quality IMPORTED wind-up metal automaton (sorta)!

Only $24!

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