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RB Revised 2008 Lecture Notes

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“A Conjurer is not a juggler, he’s an actor playing the part of a magician.” Robert-Houdin

THE "Underground Legend" Hard at Work!
“If you're a magician, you must FOOL 'EM
in order to ENTERTAIN 'EM.
Ron Bauer

How do you FOOL 'EM? You must learn to THINK LIKE A CONJURER...

In the viewpoint of the entertainment industry, the conventional magic performance is "show and tell." There is no drama. The comedy is forced. The mystery isn't how, it's why! To them, the only magic that has any general appeal is spectacle. But, most magicians don't have the budgets or opportunities for high production values in their shows, let alone informal performances, for spectacle. To overcome this general opinion and compete in the mainstream, magicians must bring in other theatrical elements, or resign themselves to remain on the fringe.

Mainstream performers, such as actors, singers, comedians, dancers, and so on, you see, have access to writers, directors, producers, and technical specialists in related fields. Trying to single-handedly manage some level of expertise in ALL those areas, while simultaneously becoming a master performer, is beyond reasonable expectations. What most magicians need, to put it mildly, is a little help.

That's why Ron Bauer (who?) is releasing twenty-four performance scripts. These have been completely worked out and tested by a variety of magicians who perform before the public in various venues. While most of the material is meant for small groups and "table top" staging, the strategic and tactical thinking included in everyone applies to performances under nearly all conditions. Your stage may be a table, in the round, or the traditional proscenium situation. Possibly, it may be determined what a camera lets the audience see. What matters, though is your ability to capture the interest and acknowledgement from the public without the benefit of spectacle, and entertain. In "technical terms," a completely worked out script provides you with all the elements for an entertaining magical presentation.

“My magic was good, but my magic was definitely falling short of its impact. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong, a friend told me to check out the Ron Bauer Private Studies Series so I did. These may be the best secret to performing fun successful and entertaining magic. I HAVE THE PAY STUBS TO PROVE IT!” Reed McClintock

To begin with, each of the presentations in the Ron Bauer Private Studies scripts is premise-based rather than trick-based. A premise is an idea that inspires a story, which can be developed into a plot. Typically, a premise begins with "what if."

Do you recognize these stock tricks? 1. Some half dollars jump from one place to another. 2. Show a packet of spot cards, then change them all to picture cards. Now, consider the following two from the Ron Bauer Private Studies scripts: "What if I always carried THREE lucky coins?" and "What if my family was cursed by cheating a Gypsy?" You can see immediately how the second two are dramatically more appealing to the public! Believe it or not, the first two started as the same "tricks" as the second two. But, imaginative premises made all the difference.

Ron Bauer Private Studies Series offers you several professional routines, with outstanding presentations for professional and amateur alike. The Production is first class and nothing is left out. You’ll want the whole series, it will make you a better magician.” Aldo Colombini

Next come the words. They're written in a style for talking, not reading. Just like in real show biz.

What about the moves and maneuvers of the trick being dramatized? Well, they're woven into the narrative, and hidden between each point in the plot. Then, you're provided with direction and misdirection to unify all these elements. Direction is about narrative and the thread of unity that holds it together. Misdirection is about hiding secrets out in the open.

Absolutely FREE!

So, now you can see that a Performance Script isn't just "patter for a trick." It's how to do what must be done, and why to do it that way; and what to say and when to say it!

“Ron Bauer has done the hard work for us and he offers his results on a silver platter! He found the tricks, he’s perfected the handling, he’s created the presentations and he’s even written the script! All we have to do is read, follow Sandra Kort’s crystal clear illustrations and practice. At ten dollars a piece, I think the Private Studies are an excellent value!” Daryl

Finally, each script is complete. So, you don't need them all to get started. But, you should know that the series of twenty-four, taken in order, is an entire, step-by-step course in learning to think like a conjurer. To be charming, amusing, entertaining, and most important, cunning. In days not that far in the past, people admired those traits in the personas of Dunninger, Blackstone, Houdini, Devant, and Robert-Houdin. They devotedly followed the magical adventures of Chandu, Merlini, and Mandrake, though these fellows never really existed!

Human nature hasn't changed. The public would eagerly embrace that kind of character again. Pick out a few scripts that sound intriguing, try them in front of audiences, and enjoy the results. To your friends, audiences, or the general public, that fantasy-fulfilling character could be you.

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